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Health & Safety

here are no inoculation or vaccination requirements for visitors to Bali. Visitors arriving from parts of Africa, however, may be screened for Yellow Fever.

Day-biting mosquitoes often carry dengue fever, but this is not a problem in tourist areas. Bali is non-malarial and prophylaxis is not required. Mosquito bites, cuts or abrasions easily infected in the tropics. Treat them immediately.

Drink only bottled or boiled water (air putih). Peel fruit before eating, avoid raw vegetables except at reputable restaurants. Ice in restaurants is safe.

Protect yourself from the intense equatorial sun. Use sunblock and a hat.

AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases are increasing in Indonesia. Local sex workers have multiple partners from around the world. They are not checked for sexually transmitted diseases. Act responsibly and use condoms, available over the counter at pharmacies.

Call an ambulance by dialing 118, but it is quicker to hire a taxi. Most hotels have on-call doctors. For Bali Belly, Lomotil and Imodium eliminate symptoms, but not infection. A fever along with gastrointestinal symptoms require doctor prescribed antibiotics. Drink as much liquid as possible. For discomfort, diarrhea and cramping, drink strong, hot tea; avoid fruits and spicy foods. White rice and bananas are a good diet during these ailments

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