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Balinese Doors

13 April 2015

Like a portal into another world, the Balinese door is inviting, enticing and enchanting. They come in  a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, often custom-made to fit the proportions of their owners. Exceptionally fine doors have been a means of displaying social wealth and status for hundreds of years. A rich man’s door might be elaborately carved and embellished with gold leaf, whereas a simple tri-coloured mountain village door would be enhanced by the patina of age and exposure to the elements. If you walk through the back lanes of Bali’s carving villages, you will hear the gentle hammering, sanding, and spontaneous chatter of the woodcarvers. They sit cross-legged on the ground, surrounded by piles of freshly carved wood chips. These master carvers do not jealously guard their skills; instead they willingly share their expertise with their sons and apprentices. Ingeniously designed and exquisitely executed, richly ornamented or romantically rustic, pleasingly proportioned, weathered by age, rare, antique, and custom-made Balinese doors can be found at temples, royal palaces, traditional compound homes, villas, private residences, spas, and hotels all over the island.

See if you can spot any beautiful Balinese doors in the South Kuta Beach area.

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