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Bicycle at South Kuta Beach

05 October 2016

In Bali, the pushbike was the established form of transport long before motorcycles and cars. Look around and you will see middle-aged women with ultra straight backs, taking things slowly on upright old boneshakers while carrying a 10-kilo bag of rice on their heads. Mobile shops on two wheels sell everything from ice creams and street food to doormats, brushes, brooms, beach balls, caged birds and goldfish in plastic bags; the bicycle barely visible under the volume of the wares. Hoards of impeccably dressed school children make their way to and from their lessons by bike, and in the countryside you will spot ancient bicycles without any brakes slung beneath trees, their panniers full of freshly picked green crops.


If you are staying at one of the SKBBA member hotels in the South Kuta Beach area, you might be eligible for the use of a complimentary bicycle sponsored by AMEX, perfect if you feel like taking some gentle exercise along the South Kuta Beach boardwalk.



31 Dec 2016 hh:12:ss

Staying at the ramada

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