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Bali's Lake District

05 February 2016

The peaceful lakes Buyan and Tamblingan present us with a real flavour of the undisturbed, rural Bali.

After passing through Bedugul, the main road climbs up a long, steep winding hill. Here you’ll see gregarious grey monkeys frolicking at the roadside. Turning west, away from the main road, towards Gobleg and Banyuatis, the scenic route follows the rim of an ancient caldera and overlooks the northern shores of the two lakes. This bountiful area is an abundant food forest yielding vanilla, banana, papaya, jackfruit, oranges, coffee and cloves, and you will see local people raking and sifting their coffee beans in courtyards beside the road. The refreshing temperature at this high altitude is an average of ten degrees below South Kuta and the views are magnificent, extending across cobalt water towards dense forest and angular hills.

For a close to nature experience, you can trek through the almost primeval rainforest that borders the lakes. Beside the main road, on the shoulder of land between the two lakes is a temple, and adjacent to this is a meandering flight of steps leading down into the forest. Hidden temples lie in clearings within the trees, revered places where the Balinese pay homage to their gods. Shafts of bright sunlight penetrate the glades, staghorn ferns rest in soft cradles, butterflies flutter between flowering creepers, and exotic blooms break through the forest floor. The area is abundant in bird life and popular with birdwatchers and you may spot babblers, woodpeckers, ground thrushes and malkohas.  

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