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The Jimbaran Seafood Feast

27 January 2016

The Jimbaran seafood feast is a synonymous part of every holiday in Bali. In fact, the concept has become so famous that restaurants and hotels all over the island – and beyond – are now offering ‘Seafood Jimbaran-style’ on their menus. Yet no other place can truly replicate the authenticity of the experience.

At Jimbaran Bay, the fish is displayed on ice at the back of the cafés, where the air is thick with the aromatic smoke of the burning coconut husks that are used to fuel the barbeque grills. Here, you will be invited to select the seafood of your choice – mainly red and white snapper, garupa, barracuda, giant prawns, squid, clams and lobster. While you are waiting for it to be cooked, you can enjoy the sunset, nibble peanuts with a bottle of wine or a glass of cold beer, and watch the planes taking off and landing. Then suddenly, your table will be filled with a succulent seafood banquet. Delights will include a bamboo steamer of rice and the entire fish from head to tail, as well as clams, squid and lobster. Juicy pink prawns are served in their shells, together with steamed veggies such as the tasty Balinese water spinach known as kangkung, and delicious homemade sauces created from garlic, tomato, onion, chilli, and sweet soy, all of which is followed by a simple dessert of fresh pineapple and watermelon. As you relish the feast, your chair will begin to sink deeper and deeper into the sand, and you will be serenaded by a troupe of wandering minstrels who indulge their audience with classics such as ‘Yesterday’ and ‘Wonderful Tonight’!

Wonderful indeed!


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