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Balinese Dance Performances

24 January 2016

Balinese dance performances are visual, entertaining and exciting, and can be appreciated by adults and children of all ages. There are numerous dance troupes on the island and many different Balinese dance dramas, most of which have evolved from sacred rituals.

A good way to see Balinese dance, drama, or wayang kulit (shadow puppetry), all accompanied by gamelan music, is to attend an odalan or temple anniversary celebration. This is a lavish ceremony commemorating the founding of the temple, and as the odalan date varies from one temple to another, you will probably have the opportunity to see one. All you need to do is ask the concierge at your hotel and they will be able to find out if there is one happening in the neighbourhood for you to witness. Public performances at various locations are mainly for tourists, but that doesn’t mean they are inferior to genuine temple performances. In fact, some of Bali’s best dancers and musicians participate in tourist performances. The shows last no longer than 90 minutes and begin on time.  Additionally, many of the large hotels have regular evening dinner shows.  Enjoy!

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