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Balinese Jewellery

17 January 2016

In the village of Celuk, near Ubud, decorative silver rings, bangles, necklaces, bracelets, pendants and accessories are produced by master craftsmen, whose intricate skills and trade secrets have been passed down through generations of families. Using traditional techniques and the most basic of tools, the Balinese silversmiths handcraft their jewellery from silver that is mined in other parts of Indonesia, brought to Bali, and then combined with small amounts of copper to form sterling silver.

Traditional Balinese silver jewellery is nearly always handmade. Each component is created from sterling silver sheets, which are cut, shaped, soldered, filed, finished and fabricated into intricate designs, enhanced by a technique called granulation, where small pellets and tiny coiled silver wires and are heated until soft enough to adhere to the piece, in order to form a pattern or decorative feature. This is considered to be a very skilled technique as the heat must be perfectly controlled to solder the delicate wire or silver pellets to the underlying silver without damaging it. The jewellery is also set with a wide variety of precious and semi-precious gemstones. Styles are distinctive, often highly ornate with fine filigree work, and it is constantly imitated. The village of Celuk boasts three-kilometres of main road and backstreets full of silver workshops and outlets. You will also find silversmiths in the village of Singapadu, one and a half kilometres northwest of Celuk.

If you are looking for gold, the ratio is three grams of gold to one gram of copper. The gold centre of Bali is at the intersection of Jl Hasannudin and Jl Sulawesi in the heart of Denpasar.

There are also a number of international designers and outlets in Bali, creating highly unique, top quality gold and silver jewellery, set with rare and precious gemstones. 


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