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Witnessing the Balinese Hindu Culture

26 April 2015

The Balinese people believe that their beautiful island is a gift from the gods and for this they give thanks, every day, by leaving millions of offerings in every shrine, doorstep, nook and cranny. These tiny woven palm frond trays – lined with banana leaf and containing a symbolic assortment of rice, flower petals and incense – are known as ‘canang’. You will see these offerings on the streets and in the gardens of your hotel.   

If you take the time to get out and about and do a little bit of exploration, you will be sure to see some kind of temple festival, colourful procession, or ceremony. The ‘Odilan’, or temple anniversary celebration, is a lavish ceremony commemorating the founding of the temple, and as the Odilan date varies from one temple to another, you will probably have the opportunity to see one. There are also numerous island-wide religious festivals to mark sacred days according to the Balinese calendar, together with family rituals such as birth celebrations, tooth filing ceremonies, weddings and cremations. 

Enjoy the cultural experience of staying at South Kuta Beach

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